Study Subjects and Facilities

Prospective students can select from one of the five distinguished schools offered by Jindal Global University (JGU): Jindal Law School, Jindal Global Business School, Jindal School of International Affairs, Jindal School of Government and Public Policy and Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities. Each school is governed by the same vision of providing its students with a first-rate global education. As a reflection of the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, in addition to the core curriculum relevant to the particular school’s field of study, students are also instructed in various other non-core fields. Case studies, internships and international exchange programs, all of which have been created through the extensive resource materials, partnerships and collaborations JGU has with highly reputable institutions around the world, provide students the ability to constructively apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom.

To ensure that students are able to gain the most from their experience at JGU, the university campus has outstanding facilities. The Global Library features the latest in information technology, including a book loan system that gives students the ability to access books, journals, periodicals and other academic material from libraries around the world. As a university that places great value on conducting research, the library serves a prominent role for students and faculty. Designed to accommodate the needs of a university setting, it includes a café, comfortable studying environment and a lounge that is open 24 hours.

Students staying on campus are housed in the beautifully designed campus hostels. A convenience store and a large laundry facility, which performs washing, drying and ironing services, are located within walking distance of the student residences. And to ensure the greatest degree of comfort, the rooms are equipped with central air-conditioning systems.

Should students or faculty need medical treatment, the health center is open 24 hours and offers ambulance service and quick-care assistance. A doctor and nurse are present around the clock to prescribe necessary medicine and perform treatment.

For recreation purposes, the campus includes a fitness center equipped with a wide selection of work-out equipment and sports facilities, which include a basketball court, tennis courts, football pitch, cricket field, badminton court, volleyball court and a common room that features pool tables and table tennis tables.


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