About The Jindal Group

The private corporate funding responsible for financing the establishment and continuing operation of Jindal Global University (JGU) came through the philanthropic legacy left by the universityís namesake O. P. Jindal. Devoted to helping the underprivileged during his lifetime, Jindal inspired the spirit guiding JGU.
In 1952, the O.P. Jindal Group was founded on the success of Jindalís steel plant and has since grown into a highly diversified conglomerate of companies valued at US$ 18 billion. Currently, O.P. Jindalís four sons run the four divisions of the company, which includes offices all over the world and over 50,000 employees. Steel operations continue to serve as the flagship for the Jindal Group as their holding portfolio includes JSW Steel, JSL Stainless Limited, PT Jindal Stainless Indonesia, JSS Steelitalia Ltd., Jindal Stainless Steelway Ltd., and Jindal Steel and Power Limited. With manufacturing facilities in India, US, UK, and Indonesia and mining rights in Mozambique, Chile and Indonesia, Jindal Group is emerging as a dominant global conglomerate.

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Reinforcing their global strength in the steel industry, the Jindal Group also has holdings in architecture, cement, infrastructure and logistics, minerals, finance, energy and mining. Additional steel and power plants are expected to soon open in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odhisa, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra, . Through the vertical integration method of growth, the Groupís ability to foster sustainable development will increase and serve as a competitive advantage worth emulating by other companies.

The Groupís motto, ďGrowth with a Social ConscienceĒ demonstrates their commitment to practicing ethical business as well as to advancing the success of JGU. In line with the Groupís integrated approach to aggressively entering global markets, JGUís takes a global approach to its system of education, preparing graduates to think both globally and responsibly in their future pursuits.


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