What the Future Holds?

The path forward for Jindal Global University (JGU) has already been laid by its past accomplishments. Its reputation as an elite university is well established and students have greatly benefited from the exceptional resources, partnerships, collaborations, seminars, conferences and lectures provided by the university. JGU hopes to continue to build upon its strong foundation by forging strategic relationships with private and public sector companies, industries and organizations. Furthermore, JGU looks forward to deepening the mutually beneficial relationships it has with prestigious universities from around the world and adding even more schools to its portfolio of universities with shared academic interests.

JGU is very proud of the many events it has hosted and intends to continue to organize and participate in a wide variety of such affairs to promote the university’s image as an elite school of higher learning and to provide an intellectually stimulating environment for both the students and faculty. Research will also be a key factor in maintaining the university’s core aim of being a research-intensive institution.

The university is also very excited about welcoming the first class of students for the inaugural year of the Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities in 2014. With the addition of this school, JGU’s multidisciplinary approach to learning and teaching will be strengthened, as each of the different schools will be able to share and exchange knowledge through the various respective research projects conducted.
By extrapolating the time-honored traditions that have proven successful in the academic world and combining those successes with cutting-edge innovating thinking, JGU is confident that its future will be bright. As the university firmly believes in its vision of creating stronger economic development through better education, India’s future rests upon the successful entry of the next generation of students into the global market. JGU is positioned to greatly contribute to the country’s growth and prosperity.


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