Opportunities for Overseas Students

Students outside of India who are interested in enrolling in one of Jindal Global University’s (JGU) five school programs can refer to the university’s website for information on admission criteria. Generally, students from abroad are required to take an entrance exam and complete the program application, just as the Indian students are required to do, in order to be considered for admission.

Foreign exchange programs available through the relationships JGU has developed with other universities from around the world provide another option for overseas students. JGU strongly promotes the valuable experience studying abroad provides for its own students, as well as the students who come to spend an academic year in India. The exchange contributes to creating a diverse and dynamic learning environment in line with the university’s vision of being a global institution that graduates globally aware students.

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Jindal Global Law School, Jinda Global Business School,Jindal School of Government and Public Policy and the Jindal School of International Affairs have each developed their own unique relationships with international universities. Listed below are the universities that each of the schools has study abroad partnerships with. Please note that since the Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities will be having its inaugural academic year in 2014, no exchange programs with other universities are currently available.

Jindal Global Law School

Cornell Law School (US) York University, Osgood Hall Law School (Canada)
Michigan Law School (US) Queens University Faculty of Law (Canada)
Indiana University Bloomington, Mauer School of Law (US) Bucerius Law School (Germany)
Temple University, Beasley School of Law (US) EBS Law School (Germany)
University of California, Davis School of Law (US) International University College (Italy)
University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law (US) HSE Faculty of Law (Russia)
Columbia Law School (US) FGV (Brazil)
Case Western Reserve School of Law (US) City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Jindal Global Business School

NJSOM University of Texas, Dallas (US)
European Business School (Germany)
University of New Brunswick (Canada)

Jindal School of International Affairs

Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (US)
Texas A&M University Bush School of Government and Public Service (US)
American University School of International Service (US)
Ryerson University (Canada)
University of Wroclaw (Poland)
Katholieke Universiteit (Belgium)
Leiden University (The Netherlands)
National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
Kyung Hee University (South Korea)
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan)

Jindal School of Government and Public Policy

University of Indiana (US)
University of Texas A&M (US)


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